Monday, March 31, 2008

Two ways to make money online

So you want to start making online with your blog or maybe your website, but how do you go about doing this?

Google's Adsense

Probably the most easiest way to start making money online with your content site or blog is to use google's adsense.

It may take a day or so to get let into the adsense program but once in just add the adds around your site and start making money. Well its not quite as easy as that to make money online,as you need traffic. But till then here some tips to entice the visitors you do have make you more money.

1.For instance if you put four images above a 720 x 90 Leaderboard ad, this will normally grab the visitors attention to the ads and in theory you should get a higher CTR.

2.Research has it that the most clicked through ad unit is the 336 x 280 Large Rectangle.

3.Most people who use adsense tend to cram there site or blog with the maximum amount of ads allowed, thinking they will bring in more money.

But from past experience this isn't the case, why?

3.i. Cramming as many ads as possible acts as a deterent and visitors just close the page.

3.ii. When you place an ad unit on your site or blog google will automatically put the highest paid ads in that unit, add another unit and the ads will lower and lower in price.

Meaning less money for your click throughs assuming people click them ads.

Affiliate Marketing

Another way to start making money online from your website or blog is to promote products or services through affiliate marketing.

If your not sure what affiliate marketing is here is a quick overview.

Affiliate marketing is risk-free form of advertising in which a company pays its Affiliate partners a commission for sales and/or leads generated through the Affiliates marketing activities.

So how can you make money online from affiliate marketing?

You could either browse through search engines by typing keywords like "become an affiliate" "affiliates sign up" etc or you could sign up to

To sign up to clickbank go here to

Now once you have signed up you need to choose a product to promote, you might want to have a quick read through and see if there is a product that you would want to buy yourself (its always good to be interested in what your selling).

A great thing about clickbank is that it lists all the products which have the best percentage payout. For example in the “Money and Employment” category, “Data entry pro” is the top paying affiliate program; it pays 75% of each sale not bad!

When you see a product you like visit the website and look for information on how to be an affiliate they should give you a link like this just fill the xxxxxx with you're clickbank name and you're ready!